Start up procedure

When starting the spa tub for the first time after routine cleaning, the following instructions are to be followed:

 Power unit / pump system

  • Ensure that all circuit breakers on the distribution board on the power unit are in the OFF position and that the thermostat is set to zero.
  • The two way ball valve situated near the waste outlet on the power unit is to be in the CLOSED position, while the second two way ball valve located on the inlet pipe to the spa is to be in the OPEN position.



Single pump system


Filling the Spa

  • Fill the spa with cold water to a level of approximately 30mm above the highest jet in the spa.
  • When the spa is filled to the correct water level, ensure that there is water in the leaf trap of the pump (or pumps, in the case of a two-pump system). Please note: this will be required if the spa has been placed in the ground and the power unit is above the water level of the spa.

Water Circulation

  • Switch on the main isolator on the distribution board, located on the power unit.
  • Switch ON the jet pump circuit breaker (one pump system), or the circulation pump circuit breaker (two pump system).
  • Depress the function control (rubber bellows) switch once, which is situated on the rim of the spa. The pump will now be activated and the water will start circulating in the spa. Ensure that the Air Control Dial, situated on the rim of the spa near the bellows, is in the MIN position. Run the system until all the air is out.
  • To switch off the pump, depress the Bellows/Function control switch twice.


Diagram 1 : Open view of pump system / power unit distribution box


Setting the Temperature

  • Switch the heater circuit breaker on the distribution board to the ON position. Turn the thermostat to the required temperature (guideline: 35° in summer and 38°–40° in winter). The pump should now start circulating and heating. The spa could take up to six hours to reach the desired temperature, depending on the size and model of your spa.
  • The blower and jet pump (two pump system) circuit breaker/s on the distribution board should now be switched to the ON position.
  • Once the water has reached the correct temperature, the pump and heater will switch off automatically.

PLEASE NOTE: Your spa must be run for at least four hours per day.


Setting the Electronic Timer

STEP 1:  Setting the clock

Depress the button with the clock symbol on it. While doing so press the ‘H’ (Hour) and ‘M’ (Minute) buttons to set the time.

STEP 2: Setting the ON time

Depress the ‘P’ (Program) button once (you will see a number ‘1’ and the word “ON” at the bottom left hand side of the screen). Now press the ‘H’ (Hour) and ‘M’ (Minute) buttons to set the ON time. Now press the ‘D’ (Day) button to set the day/s that the system is to run.

STEP 3: Setting the OFF time

Depress the ‘P’ (Program) button again (you will see a number ‘2’ and the word “OFF” at the bottom left hand side of screen). Press the ‘H’ (Hour) and ‘M’ (Minute) buttons again to set the OFF time. Now press the ‘D’ (Day) button to correspond with the days that have been set for the system to run.

Press the button with the clock symbol to return to main screen (this will show the current time).

Press the ‘Manual’ button until timer shows AUTO ON or AUTO depending on your timer. Once this is done the timer will be set.